Pledgecamp, The 21st-century Crowdfunding platform

pledgecam plogoPledgecamp is the future of Crowdfunding

With $17 million raised in private funding, Pledgecamp is a crowdfunding platform.

Developed on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to solve the trust and mismanagement of funds and improve the rate of project delivery.

Pledgecamp is taking crowdfunding to the next level in a decentralized environment.

All within the timeline specified in the Smart Contract while creating a safe environment for Bakers including the Creators.

It is all possible due to blockchain-powered security and token incentives for collaboration.

Backers and community members now have the opportunity to check on the progress of the project and decide whatever it is worth funding or continue to fund a project.

With Backers being able to enjoy a better and transparent experience, Crowdfunding is finally on the right track.

Pledgecamp is decentralized, The platform is run by its community members.

 Users are responsible for the listing, curation, and outcomes of the campaign.


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The team behind the project is truly a team to admire, they are crowdfunding veterans to disruptors with a proven solid background.

They’ve raised millions on Kickstarter and are among the top 1% most-funded ever after four successful projects.

With a big amazing team of advisors from, Prince Abdullah Member of the Saudi Royal Familly.

Matt Curcio VP of data at Ripple.

But just let me introduce you to one of the top advisors of Pledgecamp

Her name is Randi Zuckerberg

Former director of market development and spokesperson for Facebook also a sister of Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook

Here is an interview of Randi Zuckerberg on FoxNews.

Explaining why she chose to be an advisor at Pledgecamp.

Key Advisors

key advisors pledgecamp

Pledgecamp is built in partnership with MetaLab.

Metalab can take a product idea from end to end having 13 years of experience and having developed products for some of the top projects in the world.

Since 2006 Metalab has shipped 185+ projects and counting.

Past clients include:
Metalab Projects

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Pledgecamp crowdfunding is here to show the world how crowdfunding should be done in order to protect the backers, the creators and also to reward its community members.

With the centralized current model, crowdfunding is somehow a broken system and is not working on the best interest of the creator or the backer.

An estimated of about 85% of the projects are being delayed and about  15% not being delivered, we can clearly see the need for blockchain and smart contracts.


That is why Pledgecamp is working on changing the current model of crowdfunding.

It will restore the trust of all parties involved, improving the rate of delivered products and the industry overall.

A two-token economy involving:

  • Pledge Coins (PLG) an ERC20 Token enabling key features on the platform, total supply 10 Billion tokens.
  • Camp Shares (CS) can only be used by users to stake and achieve moderator status.
  • Users also earn (CS) from listings fees collected by Pledgecamp.

pledgecamp tokens

Pledgecamp accepts payments in both multiple fiat currencies and multiple cryptocurrencies.

Market Network, the blockchain, each vendor’s reputation and work history is stored on a blockchain ledger giving a backer insight of previous performance of the vendor.

Backer Insurance using Ethereum’s Smart Contract technology.

Community members can vote, decide a projects fate and get rewarded for contribution.

End of part 1, with some of the reasons you should join the community of the Pledgecamp project.

Want to know more about the project here is the Whitepaper

Want to contact the team and join the community here are the links:






Thank you very much for reading!

Part 2 coming soon, Security deposit, Backers, Creators, Moderators, Staking and Tokens explained in-depth.

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